Fashion is one of the world's most polluting industries. Slow Fashion Season is a movement, in which we call upon people to collectively not buy any new clothes during June 21st and September 21st.

Since a natural forest is made up of a diverse set of vegetation, we made sure to include trees all the way from the canopy, down to shrubs, all the while ensuring that they could grow well together in the

Everything in hand by Saturday evening, except the tarp, I went to bed early. I needed to be on time for starters and no matter how much I try, I am just not a morning person. As it goes, I

The Mauritians have kept their Island clean and beautiful. When I spent time at the beach, I had to actively look out for trash instead of it just being everywhere. Still, EVERYTHING, on that island comes wrapped in some form

Microplastics are small pieces of plastic that pollute the environment. While there is some contention over their size, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classifies microplastics as less than 5 mm in diameter. The ocean is basically a microplastic

It sounded like something I would want to do, but - I didn’t do much about it or change my life in any way. Zero waste seemed like such a far away concept - something I couldn’t quite achieve. Some