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How to Compost

How to Compost?

Last time I spoke about why we should compost, now let’s get into the how.

How I compost

Firstly, you have to select a composting method that suits you. The three most popular are, Bokashi, Aerobic and Vermicompost. Depending on the kind of space you have available. The things to consider are: whether you will be composting indoors, on a balcony or in a garden. Since I live in a city in a small open plan apartment, I use the aerobic composting method and this post will focus on that.


Step 1: Set up a compost bin – I went ahead and bought a compost bin, however it’s easy enough to make your own using a few simple items. The bin I bought was basically a plastic bucket with a tap at the bottom, a strainer about a few inches from the bottom and a mesh net at the top


The space at the bottom is to collect any liquid – or what composters like to call bio-enzyme and the tap allows you to drain this liquid

Anyways, the bin came with a bunch of instructions on how to set it up and included everything I needed to get started:


Camphor balls

And something called Bio Bloom which is basically a remix powder with beneficial microbes. To this I would also say you should invest in Neem Oil – since I compost indoors, I prefer to avoid maggots and horse flies, (however in an outdoor setting the bugs usually help speed up the composting process)


And then it’s pretty easy

  1. Set up your bin – jaggery at the bottom, followed by the strainer
  2. Line the top of the strainer with coco peat (or soil or ready compost)
  3. Put organic waste in bin
  4. Cover organic waste with coco peat or substitute
  5. Close bin tightly with mesh lid and place one or two camphor balls on mesh
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until bin is nearly full
  7. Set bin aside for about 1 month – after which you can transfer your compost to a cloth/jute bag to continue curing
  8. In the meantime you will need a second bin – the kit I ordered came with two bins so the system has worked well with me so far. However I live in a two person home (plus cat) so it takes me a whole month to fill a single – it may take you more or less time, so plan the number of bins accordingly
  9. I add a little bit of Neem Oil once a week, because I compost indoors and it helps keep insects away


And that’s it.

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