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What We Do

How It’s Made


When I decided to start Coco Custo, I began the formulation keeping the health of the planet, human and animal health in mind. I spent 18 months developing our proprietary formula. I use Certified Organic Oils from South India for our soap, Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate, with the rest of our blend made from plant based ingredients.

It took that long, because along the way I had to teach myself more chemistry than the basic classes I’d taken in college. Plus I tried scores of formulas and then tweaking each formula to fit the performance criteria.

I decided to use the EU standards, since they are the most stringent for cleaning activity. Once I had that, I also wanted my clothes to feel soft. I don’t really believe in having too many products, so our detergent had to do it all.

I also set out to make sure we could get an EcoCert certification and while that may seem good enough, I also decided to make sure every ingredient scored an A as per the Environmental Group’s Standards. (I didn’t quite get there, because essential oils, which we use for scents and their anti bacterial activity come up at a strong B).

And that is how Coco Custo came to be.

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