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3 Simple Things To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In Under 5 Minutes

While the idea of lowering the world’s carbon footprint may seem daunting, its relatively easy to make small changes in your own life to start lowering your carbon footprint

1. Unsubscribe to that email

The internet can seem like an intangible magical thing, but all those emails require energy to be sent and then stored on your email server. And with billions of people with gigabytes of emails, the Carbon Footprint adds up. You can declutter your life, make checking emails easier and help the planet all in one. The best part, it doesn’t take more than a couple of clicks. I’ve found that if you just click unsubscribe to unwanted emails when you receive them, you will be totally rid of them in about 2 weeks.


2. Turn off the switch

Do you know that even when appliances aren’t in use they can still use power.? Your TV or microwave in standby mode continues to draw small amounts of electricity. Turning off the main switch can seem small, but can make a significant dent in your carbon footprint over time.


3. Run your laundry on cold

Most of the energy used during a laundry cycle goes into heating the water. COCO CUSTO laundry detergent is specially formulated to work in cold water so you skip the heat! So you can get perfectly clean clothes (that smell amazing) while keeping your carbon footprint low. (Plus we have a refill program which allows us to keep the packaging footprint low too!)



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