Living An Intentional Life – A Beginners Guide

Living An Intentional Life – A Beginners Guide

We live in a world of modern conveniences. From Coffee-To-Go to plastic bags for everything. And in our fast paced lifestyles with jam packed schedules we lean on these conveniences not realising the kind of impact they have on our planet. Giving these up isn’t exactly easy and often means thinking beyond the now and carrying around a few more things than usual

The most important lesson I’ve learned lately – is the idea of living an Intentional Life. For someone as forgetful as me (Super long to-do lists basically get me through life), it hasn’t been easy.  

Here are a couple of the easiest changes I’ve made:

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags are the WORST! I am ashamed that  I have used them my entire life without realising the impact. These bags can take up to 1000 years to degrade. This ugly convenience ends up in landfills and often in our waterways  (Inset photo of stream full of plastic Bags) – Instead I keep a carry bag in your purse. I have this super cute one from Ikea that conveniently folds into a little pouch. I use this for everything- from grocery shopping to carrying home leftovers.

Bottled Water

I used to live on bottled water, mostly because I really didn’t trust the water being handed to me. Till I went to the beach one day and found it covered in empty bottles and caps scattered in the sand. Over the monsoon the sea had washed these back up on the shore. In 2016 alone Rs. 3,000 Crores worth of bottled water was sold in India. That’s 13,636,363,636 – 13 billion bottles. I still don’t trust the water anywhere I go – so I carry my own refillable bottle now.

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