• Delete those toxic relationships

    Laundry isn’t really something we put much thought into. But if you really think about it, you live in your laundry. Your clothes are always against your skin. You swaddle your baby in soft cloth to keep all warm and cozy. Start your detox diet here

  • Go All Natural

    Coco Custo is here to take the load off your shoulders with our All Natural Laundry Detergent. Here’s a product that contains none of the nasties - none of the usual suspects - no SLS, parabens, glycols, mysterious fragrances, phosphates - the list goes on and on.

  • Effortlessly Sustainable

    Since Coco Custo's detergent is non-toxic it's also better for the environment. The formula is totally biodegradable. There's nothing in there that will harm fish, corals groundwater or even soil. Hey! you can help save the world without any extra effort.

  • Talking About A Revolution

    Coco Custo was founded on the principle that we could make sustainable household cleaning products that work. We believe that a sustainable product should function as well or better than what they are replacing. Our products are scientifically formulated from non-toxic, 100% biodegradable ingredients and our bases are made from certified organic oils. We believe that sustainability should not be a choice or a chore, and sustainable products need not cost the earth.

  • Under Pressure

    Coco (from Coconut) Custo (sort of like Jaques) was an idea that sprang to mind 30m under water off the coast of a tropical island in the midst of bright coral and vividly coloured fish. Earlier that day, the dive instructors had been talking about how runoff from cleaners had affected the coral and life in the shallower bay. Imagine that if the harsh chemicals in our products could affect something in the big wide ocean, then what were they doing to our bodies?

  • You Spin Me Around

    An environmentalist, scientist and explorer, Coco Custo was founded by Shaan Lalwani. A mechanical engineer by training She has worked in the real estate and construction industry for 10 years before starting Coco Custo. “Coco Custo was created with the vision that any industry could be revolutionized to be sustainable. After I found out what the ingredients in our cleaning products were and how they affected our bodies and environment, I realized I had no choice but to create an alternative”