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Coco Custo

Coir Fibre Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Palmera Coir Fibre Water Bottle Cleaning Brush for Washing Wide Mouthed Bottles

  • 22 cm cleaning length for cleaning wide mouthed bottles of 1 to 2 liters
  • All Natural bristles: do not leach chemicals into the water
  • Cleans and scrubs better than plastic brushes
  • No chemical processing on the brushes
  • All Natural and antibacterial coir bristles and premium stainless steel wire handles

Introducing our Bottle Cleaning Brush - the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic reusable water bottle. Did you know that your beloved water bottle could be harboring dangerous bacteria? A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen revealed shocking findings about the hidden dangers lurking within our bottles.

On average, a reusable water bottle was found to harbor 20.8 million CFUs of bacteria, which is a shocking 40,000 times more than a toilet seat (515 CFUs). In fact, these bottles were discovered to be 14 times dirtier than pet bowls and had five times more bacteria than a computer mouse.

But fret not! Our Bottle Cleaning Brush is here to save the day and ensure your water bottle remains clean and safe for use. The experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recommend cleaning your reusable water bottle daily.

To clean your bottle, simply wash it with warm water and our Multi Purpose Cleaner, ensuring a thorough rinse before draining it completely.



Our detergent is made from:

Saponified oils from South India (Certified Organic), Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Essential Oils (in scented version) and a proprietary blend of food grade ingredients


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